Welcome to my resources page. There are as many tools to paint a picture or build a piece of furniture as there are ways to make them. Here you will find information on the tools/materials I use when painting or wood working, what works well for me. You will also find information on studio/shop setup, tricks of the trades, events/exhibition, commissions, and workshops. If you'd like to receive bi-monthly emails please subscribe to my newsletter.  If you have any questions or are seeking further information please email me.

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Almost everything I do is a result of my effort to live a life simply painting pictures. So, lets talk about painting first. Here are links to the organizations I am affiliated with and support.
   • The American Impressionist Society (AIS): www.americanimpressionstsociety.org
   • The Oil Painters of America (OPA): www.oilpaintersofamerica.com
   • The Portrait Society of America(PSoA): www.portraitsociety.org
   • The Salmagundi Club: www.salmagundi.org

Brushes: I use Robert Simmons 'Signet' brushes (flats and filberts), Rosemary & Co 'Masters Choice' (long flats and long filberts), and small 'Sable' brushes for detail work. My painting knives are made of stainless steel by RGM in Italy.

Paints: I use  paints manufactured by Winsor & Newton, Gamblin, Williamsburg, Old Holland, Sennelier, Rembrandt, and Lefranc.

Palette: My palette consists of these colors:
     •Titanium White
     •Cadmuim Lemon
     •Cadmium Yellow
     •Cadmium Yellow Deep
     •Cadmium Orange
     •Cadmium Scarlet
     •Cadmium Red
     •Cadmium Red Deep
     •Alizarin Permanent
     •Yellow Ocher Pale
     •Yellow Ocher
     •Raw Sienna
     •Terra Rosa
     •Venetian Red
     •Transparent Oxide Red
     •Transparent Oxide Brown
     •Phthalo Green
     •Cobalt Blue Light
     •Ultramarine Deep
     •Custom Black

Easel: I have a large wood easel for studio work and a heavy duty camera tripod I’ve modified for field work.